Our players

Omar He/Him

Plays: Tale Weaver


Omar is your resident Tale Weaver and owner of A Tale of d20s. He got into D&D in his early 20’s with 3.5 edition, also played 4th, and currently runs two campaigns in 5th edition.

Making music is a large part of his life as he depends on his ears more than eyes. He plays piano, guitar, & sax and is working on learning the drums. He loves Japanese culture, language, and anime which heavily influences his campaigns and characters.

Tale Weaver

Played By: Omar

Your Tale Weaver. The writer of success and sorrow alike. Ominpotent. Ruthless. All-loving. All giving.
Zeki He/Him

Plays: Calamity Morgal


Zeki is a busy bugbear. Playing in 2 campaigns and DMing another called The Natural Ones. He started playing D&D fairly recently but has been hooked ever since.

A geologist by trade but an author at heart, When hes not writing he’s gaming and in the magical realm of Cyrodiil. A lover of music, he can be found at his favorite artists live shows or at the indie shop picking up that jam to spin on his turntable. Keeping him going strong is his girlfriend Brittney and their two cats!

Calamity Morgal

Played By: Zeki

A tiefling paladin looking to balance the scales one bullet at a time.
Travis He/Him

Plays: King


Travis fell in love with D&D but, found it hard to find a steady group. It wasn’t until after college that new friends brought him back into the world tabletop games.

He’s currently enjoying League of Legends, Stardew Valley, Civilization, Oxygen Not Included and MTGA. He likes to travel with his husband Mike, and hopes to see more of this amazingly huge world.


Played By: Travis

Divine soul sorcerer half elf, chosen by his goddess Mielikki to lead new people to the promised lands.
Alex She/Her

Plays: Ishigami Minako

Alex has been playing all editions of D&D since highschool, back when Innuendo was a skill! With no idea what she was doing, she and her friends still laughed and had a great time.

Alex enjoys board games, card games and tabletop games. Her formal education in physics and mathematics generally finds her enjoying numbers and rules that naturally lead her to D&D.

Ishigami Minako

Played By: Alex

Tiefling priestess of Nyx turned warlock with an unhealthy relationship with the occult
Adam He/Him

Plays: Do'ran the Gale

Adam had always maintained interest in Dungeons & Dragons but had a hard time finding a group that would let him in. It wasn’t until he met Alex in College that he start playing. Since then, it’s been a 12 year blur of Character Sheets, core books, and lost dice.

Adam considers himself a gamer and enjoys spending his time playing indie games, JRPGs and especially fighting games. He also is an experienced Magic the Gathering player.

Do'ran the Gale

Played By: Adam

Elven fighter of the Vel'Korai, tasked with being the blade that saves the planes
Luis He/Him

Plays: Horatio Kane


Luis learned about Dungeons & Dragons through friends sharing pictures on Instagram in 2016. Hes been curious and interested ever since.

When hes not working in the warehouse calculating logistics for his company, he enjoys playing his Nintendo Switch, PS4, Board gaming and raving to electronic beats. Luis really enjoys music and has his own production and hopes to release an electronica album in the future.

Horatio Kane

Played By: Luis

Human abjuration wizard, descended from a great family line with high expectations, attempting to make a name for himself and get out of the shadow of his predecessors.


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