Descent Into the Void: Prologue

Long ago in a land and age forgotten,

all people lived in harmony under the Sun, Moon and Stars. Humans, Elves, Gnomes, Dwarves and everything in between shared bounty, beauty and knowledge unaware of the calamity that would soon befall them. Mortal men and women looked up to the skies not with the eyes of hope and faith but with fear and dismay as the world they knew was torn apart, fractured, terraforming the planet into a torus shape. Billions of lives were lost after this event known as the “Cataclysm” leaving nothing but ruins and destruction in its wake. Memories have been forgotten, civilizations have been lost and the remnants of a once great society struggles for supremacy in what is now known as the “Broken Lands”. 

In the years that passed after the “Cataclysm” small tribes and nations sprung forth, each with their own agenda. Some stayed isolated, struggling on their own to survive. Others, however, decided to reclaim what was lost, to retrieve the memories that were once theirs and their ancestors, diving into the hole that was created by the Armageddon event deemed to all as the “Void”. 

The “Void” is a large desolate pit larger than the planet itself. Every road, river and trail ends there and those who get close to its edge find themselves entranced by the dark energy that fills this bottomless abyss. Through expeditions it was revealed that the Void itself was a world beyond any imagination. Creatures of all shapes and sizes, entire worlds thriving with people who knew not of the events that transpired on the “surface”, technologies thought lost lying within the depths. Many adventurers journey down the pit seeking information, glory, riches or an escape away from the forsaken Broken Lands. Groups gathered and created guilds, like-minded individuals for the purpose of unlocking the secrets of the Void. 

The Seekers Guild- Whose purpose is the further discovery of the void and its artifacts to be studied for the betterment of the Broken Lands. During the years from its founding the Seekers have traveled deep into the void, setting up outposts throughout its depths. 

The Corporis Arcana- Whose purpose is to re-discover magicks lost to the ages and unlock the secrets of the Void. They have set up schools and academies throughout the planes of the void to further advance their knowledge. 

During these expeditions the void was mapped and discovered to have multiple fully developed planes whose inhabitants had no inkling of the events that transpired in the Broken Lands. 8 levels in total have been found, most with a strange dungeon passage between them, a world all its own. It was found that the void had its own “rules” that became law to all those who ventured into it. The Void is encased in a magic called “The Curse”. The curse affects those within differently as they descend. The lower you are in the Void, the worst the effects are as you try to leave its grasp. Like a tether wrapped on one’s soul, a piece of you is lost as you ascend the Void. Many obtain an item called “Felix Felicis” which allows one to cure the effects of the curse. It is rare and highly coveted. Next, the Void does not like to be mapped. Many have tried to chart the depths but once leaving the “layer” (as they are referred to) all written works and memory of it become hazy and distant, like a thought floating in the back of one’s subconscious forever fleeting.  

Thousands of years have passed since the Cataclysm and our story begins with 4 heroes, each with their own reasons to traverse the dangerous worlds of the Void. Will they find what they are looking for or will they be new victims, devoured by the Descent Into the Void.


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