Chapter Two: The Cull

Two large mountains profiled by winding rivers and cascading waterfalls came into view as the Seekers landed into the next layer. Lush grass hills covered in beautiful plant life stretch across the horizon, hiding dangerous perils within. Amir Allabas had explained that The Cull though exuberant in nature was an unofficial testing grounds for travelers in The Void. Keeping his warning in the back of their minds the four used the Seekers compass to locate the next destination. Hours passed as they traversed a long, twisted road until a cry for help was heard off in the distance. Curious but cautious they approached what was revealed to be a large fiendish bird creature, its long tongue wrapped around the vocal cords of a dead adventurer like a puppeteer and its marionette. Liberating the corpse of its “strings” and felling the creature, the Seekers continued following the compass until they stumbled upon a pearl white glowing archway leading off into the unknown. Hastily leaving this beautiful nightmare layer behind they walked through the gate descending further into The Void, once again traversing the hypnotic forest of the inbetween. 


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