Chapter Three: The First Dungeon

As the group continued they found themselves in a tunnel with walls of laid grey brick and cut stone.  The paths were numerous and winding and this place soon felt like a maze to them.  They found strange murals all over, depicting a legendary vampiric bat and its malevolent  rampage on small villages.  The seekers also examined the faces on statues in the hallways as they trudged further into the darkness, looking for clues and artifacts. Being the stealthiest Scarlet, usually scouted ahead, and this time she found a statue with a hero offering a sword.   Clearly magical and different from the mundane statues they passed, it peaked her interest.  She quickly grabbed this treasure but her fast reflexes and rogue-like mentatility got the best of her when this ‘treasure’ turned out to be cursed.  She could not drop this sword, no matter how hard she tried, it appeared in her hand magically.  Now, worse-off for sure, she had one hand clutching a cursed sword and the other a metal hook.  Drooping her head low, cursed and sad, she returned to the group and together they pressed on. 

On several occasions the group ran into shadowy people with pale skin and canine teeth that attacked them.  After the first encounter they learned their foes were just humans that dressed up as vampires and wore makeup to look more ghastly.  They worshiped and aspired to be like this legendary vampire inscribed in the dungeon walls.  The ‘vampires’ made no attempt at civil discussion so the group defended themselves and killed their assailants, leaving the corpses of the humans in their wake. 

Faster than they expected the seekers found the portal that led to the next level. There was some discussion about learning more in this dungeon and exploring its labyrinthine corridors but ultimately they were coaxed to move forward.  Leaving the grey brick dungeon behind they soon found themselves under the open skies of The Land of the Fallen Star. 


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