Chapter Six: The Second Dungeon

Do’ran and the rest of the Liberators continued deeper into the void, Do’ran sealing his lips on the matter of his warband. Trudging through the tangled flora they stumbled across a large pit dark pit. Using their magical means of travel The Liberators descended further, the landscape shaping from wilderness to organized stone and structure. Landing into the second dungeon they came across a non-hostile goblin community that was under the command of Yek the Tall, a human amongst the goblins. The Liberators then spoke with the other goblins in the community who let the group know that Yek the tall was indeed a goblin who had a magic item that made him look human. It was at this point that the Liberators decided to help the goblin community and bring down Yek the Tall, however they did not want to have their fellow goblin killed, they wanted him to be embarrassed.The goblins let the team know that ever since Yek got the crown he changed into human form. He never took it off so the team got together and devised a plan to steal away the crown that Yek had. Horatio was set to turn Scarlett invisible and she would sneak up behind Yek while he was talking to the goblins to steal the crown in front of everyone. The plan was set and the team was ready. When Yek began speaking to his goblin subordinates Horatio turned Scarlett invisible, she snuck up behind Yek, just as they planned Scarlett stole his crown and put it on, turning him into a goblin in front of everyone and making him look like a fool.

 Leaving shortly after, The Liberators continued on further into the dungeon. Meeting Shunn Shurretch, a strange drow spider hybrid who offered them a job to find a key and kill a tribe of Wererats which they refused to do for Shunn, moving on deeper into the dungeon. Eventually running into members of the Xanathar guild, they met Nadia the Unbent. Nadia was welcoming to The Liberators. There was an unsettling zombie beholder in the group which Nadia informed that it was Xanathar’s eyes and ears amongst the garrison sent up to protect this sector. Nadia told The Liberators about this strange door that they were confused and frightened by, after taking a look at it they realized it was a door that led deeper into The Void, which then activated and pulled everyone except for Horatio through, The Liberators found their way back quickly and informed Nadia of what this was. Nadia then asked The Liberators for a small favor, she let them know about a Wererat cult nearby that was quickly expanding and needed to be quelled

. The Liberators went forth to deal with this cult and saw Rizzeryl, a Drow mage who seemed to be the leader of this cult. After a large arduous battle, The Liberators defeated Rizzeryl and the rest of the wererats. The Liberators returned to Nadia; after which King took some time to think, and went on a walk on his own. It was at this moment that the Zombie Beholder startled King, and kidnapped him. The rest of the group noticed their friend King had not been back in a while, and went searching for him. This is when they found his crown on the ground and bloodied.


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