Chapter Seven: Duskhaven

Once The Liberators realized King had been kidnapped they immediately began their search.  The group entered the next layer without hesitation and arrived in this grey, sullen, dusky place. Soon after entering this new land they were surrounded by demons.  The Liberators ran into a thin, dark-skinned human woman, bald with tribal face paint by the name of Jade. Doing a strange ritual with glowing items in her hand, the demons  were immediately destroyed. Introducing herself, Jade beckoned The Liberators to follow her to Monoma, a Northern City of power surrounded by darkness; where she told them that she had a vision of King being in the spirit realm. When asked what power she had over the demons, Jade responded that here in Duskhaven, demons ran rampant and the only substance that could keep that at bay was a mysterious liquid called Heaven’s Dew. The dew, when combined with a magic crystal creates a Melody called Symphony. This sound is what destroys the demons of Duskhaven. The party, intrigued by this information, asked Jade if there was any way to locate King, to which she replied that she could take the party into a dream-like state where they would traverse the spirit realm and rescue King. However, she stated it was extremely risky and difficult. Without giving it a second thought, The Liberators readied themselves for the journey ahead and proceeded to go into this dream-like state and find King.

 They found him captured by the Zombie beholder which turned out to be possessed by Halaster the Mad Mage, alleged creator of The Void. The party battled the avatar of Halaster and Scarlet found that there was a lot more to her than she herself knew. Halastar had infiltrated her mind during the battle and she retrieved all of her memories. She was a general in a warforged army slowly marching from the bottom of The Void. This army, commanded by Halastar would rise up and destroy everything in its path, her as its leader. This revelation troubled her greatly as she shied away from the rest of the group. 

Upon their return to Monoma jade explained that they were in what was called the Twilight. Demons were extremely powerful there but Monoma was a defense to stop them from traveling further into the lands beyond. Duskhaven was a world with three countries. Thelos, the arcane country to the south, Shiveren, the frozen country to the west and the Black Kingdom, the demonic country to the east.  Each city had its own crystal which was powered by Heaven’s dew to protect it from demonic invaders but Heaven’s root, the plant that created the dew, only grew and Thelos and the crystals only grew in Shiveren.

 After her explanation Jade was alerted that the town’s leader Dimona was trapped by a demon and needed assistance. The Liberators assisted Jade, finding Dimona in a deep cave battling a Giant demon. To their shock the Vel’korai warband also made an appearance. They had summoned the demon and after its defeat, pulled a strange magical shard from its chest. Instinctively Syl grabbed it and flew away clutching onto this mysterious item. Surrounded the Vel’korai warband and Doramo escaped leaving behind Galdrim, one of the warband members and Do’ran’s mentor in life and fighting. Deciding to keep him as a captive, The Liberators returned back to Monoma where Galdrim revealed that the Shards the Vel’korai were searching for were part of a weapon that could destroy Humanity once and for all. Their next stop was Shiveren, the location of the next shard.  King and Syl wanted to kill him there and then with Horatio and Do’ran pleading for leniency. In the end Horatio and Do’ran convinced the other and Galdrim joined the party as a captive. Slowly but surely a rift was being torn between The Liberators and their ideals.


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