Chapter One: The Broken Lands

Along a deserted road toward Cartigale, the city on the edge of The Void walked King. The small fair skinned half-elf with a slender frame, brown hair and button nose was on his way to the famous Seekers Guild when he crossed paths with Doran The Gale. The tall tanned elf with long black hair and a muscular frame, covered in scars was also on his way to Cartigale and the Seekers.  Though they hailed from two cultures with opposing ideologies, Do’ran from the bellicose Vel’korai and King from the peaceful Elande, they continued together and learned they both wanted to become Seekers. 

After hours of travel and short conversation, the Elven duo came to their destination. Here they followed signs, passing through the cramped streets until they arrived at a large building with a blinking glowing eye resting at its highest point. Its gaze affixed on them as they entered the Seekers’ Guild building, meeting up with other potential members. Horatio Kane, a human wizard with dark skin and hair tied in a bun. He had a shadow of facial hair on his cheeks and seemed to be searching for someone in The Void. Scarlet, the warforged rogue dressed in a red seafaring captain’s garb, skin of woven metal and wood with a hidden agenda. Together they met Amir Allabas, the Seekers’ leader on the Broken Lands.

 After taking an entry exam that tested their battle prowess, the four adventurers were admitted into the Seekers Guild, placed in ranks. King and Scarlet received Gold, while Do’ran and Horatio placed in silver, allowing them to receive special items and access throughout their journey at other Seekers Guilds within The Void. Deciding to band together to better their survival chances the adventurers received the rare Felix Felicis potion as well as special traveling gear, bidding farewell to the land they called home and descended into the dark abyss.  

As the travelers descended down the chasm, that stretched farther than eyes could possibly see, they witnessed a beautiful alteration of scenery. From the once barren walls grew lush vegetation. Strange creatures floated through the air weaving through this lateral forest. Captivated by their surroundings the adventurers began to feel a strange tug on their very spirit the further they descended, realizing that the curse of the void was taking its effect.  Unbeknownst to them a monstrous sky whale, with its mouth agape stalked its prey. Pursued, the four Seekers ran away and narrowly escaped the foe before tumbling down a staircase of rocks and stone, landing into the next layer, The Cull.


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