Chapter Eight: Shiveren

Now with the collective resolve to put a stop to the Vel’korai warband, The Liberators decided to continue to Shiveren, stopping at points along the way to resupply. Eventually they found their way to a town called Smallpoint. It was quiet and void of any inhabitants, the Symphony shield inactive. Cautious, the five heroes and their captive proceeded into the eerie village, running into a Succubus  Incubus duo named Balen and Jalen. The Liberators were almost overwhelmed by these demonic foes and their minions when they were saved by a band of sword wielding tieflings who moved with a strange rhythmic motion. Calling themselves the Demon Dancers and led by the tiefling Genju, they defeated the minions and chased off Balen and Jalen. King and Galdrim set apart their differences and through a combined prayer to Corellon and Mielikki, were able to cleanse the village’s Crystal which had been corrupted with a black shadow looming around it. The townspeople, hidden in their bunkers, revealed themselves, explaining that four strange dwarves came into town inquiring about Shiveren and their Crystal before heading off to the west. Genju and his Demon Dancers offered to provide refuge for the people of Smallpoint while their town was repaired. With the Liberators following in tow they left the city and journeyed to Chillford, Genju’s hometown. 

Shiveren was a cold beautiful country full of evergreens and frozen land structures. Chilling winds blew down the backs of the travelers as they trudged through the Boreal snow forest. Finally walking down a winding river they came upon a large metallic snow-touched city Chillford.      

Genju was the warden of Chillford and lived in a large metal castle at the summit of a large hill. Nimblewrights, wooden automatons, combed his empty halls and he and the Liberators discussed the task ahead. The Demon Dancers were an elite Tiefling fighting squad sworn to defend this plane from the demons that wreak havoc.  They used divine powers called vagaries to empower themselves, unlocked with the power of movement and dance. Genju was the captain of the Flame Demon Dancers and nephew of their leader, defender of the west, the Daimyo, Kaijin Goren. His father was the Daimyo’s brother, Hiei Goren who was originally promised the leadership of the Demon Dancers. Genju agreed to accompany The Liberators to Frostmoor, the Demon Dancers capital. To meet with Kaijin alert him of the possible attack from Doramo and the Vel’korai warband. Along the way Genju Galdrim and the Liberators traversed through a dangerous mountain pass. Stuck in a terrible Tundra the group escaped the storm inside of an eerily warm cave. Traveling deeper into the cave the heroes discovered a gargantuan demon, chained above a pool of molten lava. He introduced himself as Inceledus, the sire of insanity, and broke free from his prison attacking the Liberators. Chased through the caves, King pulled the Heaven’s root seeds from his pocket, thrusting it into the ground beneath. His thoughts and prayers coalesced around the planted seed which miraculously grew through the power of Mielikki. Resonating with the Crystals that grew naturally within the cave walls the Heaven’s Root grew beyond the limits and burst through the ceiling, releasing a massive Symphony that repelled Inceledus and destroyed any demons within the mountain pass. Piercing the clouds in the sky this newly formed Heaven’s tree quelled the raging storm. The Liberators stood in awe as they witnessed the power of Gods their lives saved…. or so they thought. 

That night as they rested unknown to them the power of insanity took root in their hearts, a parting gift from Inceledus. Scarlet awoke, grabbed Galdrim and challenged him to a duel to the death. Their battle raged as King and Syl flew by her side while Doran and Horatio defended Galdrim. A rift was split between the party as they shed blood in a wild battle. Before the final blow was cast the group woke up, a nightmarish laugh of a familiar demon echoing in their ears. They were all safe but the damage had been done. Mistrust was sown within The Liberators and Scarlet, fearing the darkness within, decided she would leave the party to journey alone, breaking King’s heart. Worried about the power of Inceledus, Genju revealed he had the power of teleportation and would rush them all to Frostmoor though it came at a great risk. When Demon Dancers teleported using their vagaries they risked opening a scar that demons could travel through. This would endanger Frostmoor and was forbidden without probable cause. Scarlet decided to remain in the mountain pass while defending Scar until proper authorities could come and relieve her of her duty. This would be her last act as a Liberator. Leaving her behind the rest of the group jumped through the portal and warped themselves to the snow powdered tranquil city of Frostmoor. 

Making their way through the quiet city during the early mornings, the team entered the Great Temple of Nyx, the Goddess of Night to whom the Demon Dancers worshiped. Here they attended a meeting with Kaijin and the rest of the Demon Dancer captains. They met the leader of the Seekers Guild, Lancel Groetto who told a story that reminded him of the demon The Liberators described. Kaijin requested Ishigami Minako, a tiefling priestess of Nyx with long pink hair, pale skin and curled horns, be their personal guide around Frostmoor. Minako graciously agreed and joined The Liberators during their stay here in Frostmoor. She took them to the Seekers Guild where Lancel awaited. The Guild was a large black Metal fortress build in and around a large snowy mountain. The Seekers entered its huge halls, passing under a large looming eye and requested an advancement test. Lancel agreed and scheduled it for the next day. Horatio revealed his lineage and caught the attention of all the Seekers members currently stationed there. His last name carried a huge weight as Horatio discovered that his Mother and Father were known as one of the most powerful Seekers to ever live. Rumors swirled around about his mother as Horatio dove deeper into the disappearance of his family. Deciding to the attention was too much to bear, the Group with Minako and Galdrim decided to stay at a local inn. Through his Sly word Syl discovered information that a shady character named Siphon was looking for muscle for a high paying job. Securing a meeting he planned to visit Siphon and gather information. The next morning with Minako as a guide, The Liberators went shopping. First at a magic shop where they saw a peculiar looking Tiefling with strange pistols discussing news with the proprietor……   


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