Chapter Five: Depths of the Void

Entering back into the world in between The Liberators continued their journey deeper into The Void. Traversing the Lateral forest they found shelter in the thick trees, its branches large and wide suitable for travel. Along the way several creatures of the deep attack which included a bone devil and large dire wolves looking for their next meal. Narrowly escaping with their lives The Liberators found respite in a small grotto, resting for the next leg of their journey.

 During the evening, Do’ran noticed stalkers following their every move. Slipping away he confronted the hidden pursuers. To his surprise they were familiar faces, members of his Vel’korai warband led by a mysterious Drow named Doramo. Here it was revealed Do’ran’s purpose in traverse the depths of The Void. His tribe blamed humanity for the cause of the Cataclysm. Angering the Gods they meddled with powers they could not control or so it was believed. The Vel’korai concluded that if humans and all those with human blood could be eradicated then the Broken Lands can once again prosper and repair from the events of the Cataclysm. During their search for this Genocidal power, Doramo introduced himself. Convincing the Vel’korai that he knew of an ancient power that could aid them the Vel’korai sent an elite force to travel The Void and find it. This was something the Do’ran wished to stop. Now with his family before him he stood powerless, unable to convince them otherwise and unable to take them down. With a warning of death if he intervenes the Vel’korai left in a haste continuing their search


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